Are you currently at risk of Type 2 diabetes^? Find out now!

The Diabetes Risk Assessment (DRA) is for 18-39 year olds. If you are 40 and older, please see your doctor for health screening (including diabetes).

Please visit for more details.

Questions marked with * are required and will contribute to your current risk assessment.


Questions 6 and 7 are optional and won’t be used to assess your risk of diabetes. They are a reminder to eat healthily and exercise regularly – if you are not already doing so!

You must be 18 or above to complete this risk assessment. If you are concerned about your risk or your children's risk of developing Type 2 diabetes, please speak to your doctor or call HealthLine at 1800 223 1313.

The DRA is for 18-39 year olds. As you are older, this tool is not for you. Please see your doctor for health screening (including
diabetes). For more details, Please visit

Type 2 diabetes is a condition where the body does not use insulin properly or produce enough of it, resulting in high blood sugar levels. It is the more common form of diabetes and typically occurs in adults.